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Are you ready to start a boutique, or sell hard goods? Well this trip is for you!!! 

There are plenty of options available, that will carry similar benefits. Get ahead of the competition by meeting with different manufacturers and wholesalers. Learn the ins and outs of selling hard goods, and how to price your items based on current  market value.



This package includes a round trip NONSTOP flight, Luxe stay, and transportation to and from the district. Since we will be out in the district majority of the day, brunch and dinner is included each day/night. @PHATGIRLSCUISINE will be catering during this event.

During this trip, participants will learn:

1. How to negotiate discounts with different manufacturers. (Teaser... did you know that manufacturers will sometime discount your order based off of the simple fact that you traveled to come and see them?!)

2. How to differentiate distributors from manufacturers, and how to find them! ( not all vendors are available online, and only communicate through WhatsApp and/or in person). Often times,to get the best items that are not usually everywhere on instagram and facebook, you have to venture out and actually look for them.

3. Consolidated shipping. During my many trips to the district, I have found that it is often times easier and more cost effective to have your items dropped off to one shipper from multiple vendors.(vocal vendor drop off is free) and all shipped at one. Not planning on purchasing that much? I have tricks to bringing it all back on the plane which will sometimes be cheaper!

4.) PROFIT! Once we determine your target market and what they would like to see, we can determine your profit margin. A profit margin ensures your business expenses are covered along with making a profit to keep your business going without over charging for your products. 

This tour  is NOT ONLY FOR THOSE WANTING TO VENTURE INTO THE CLOTHING BUSINESS!! The district offers  a variety of things NOT JUST CLOTHES!!

These items include but are not limited to:

  • Women, Men and Children’s clothing. 
  • Tobacco shop products ( everything from hookah supplies, grinders, etc).
  • Shoes/accessories
  • Real gold, silver, and diamond jewelry 
  • Natural/raw items (oils, shea butter etc)
  • Botanica,spiritual items( crystals, incense, fixed candles, herbs, etc)
  • Adult toys
  • Medical scrubs
  • Party decor and accessories
  • Store fixtures, Mannequins etc.

Sidenote: we are all adults, so feel free to tour Lovely Los Angeles while we are there!

A 50% deposit is required to solidify your slot($1,149.50). Deposits must be paid via zelle or cash. The phone number for both is 980-309-3670

For the November trip, all deposits must be paid by 10/15/2021 and the remainder to be paid by 11/5

The remainder can be purchased online, and split into 4 easy payments with either KLARNA or SEZZLE.


PACKAGE 2- $750  

MEET US THERE!!! This package does not include round trip travel, catered brunch and dinner, or transportation. This package includes the Fashion district tour and tips ‘n’ tricks to working with our vendors. It will be your responsibility to meet us there.

The full balance of this package can be paid online, and split into 4 payments with Sezzle. (Virtual card can be used in store)

Package 3: Starting at $699( $1000 minimum)

I’m going anyway, I can shop for you as well! Prior to the trip, we can either meet virtually or in person (mask required), to discuss your budget and what you would like to see with your brand. I will be sure to include you each step of the way ( via FaceTime, text messages, and photos). Shipping costs vary, and we will discuss that as well. You will also be provided with itemized invoices with what was purchased, at how much per piece.)

The full balance of this package can be paid online, and split into 4 payments with Sezzle. (Virtual card can be used in store)


Package 4: $3500 Get a full branding jumpstart!  This package includes everything included in Package 1 along with a bit more to help kickstart your brand the correct way! The additions to this package are as follows:

  • All inclusive fashion district tour
  • professional website design( this includes a free Shopify theme, and professional startup) we will also teach you how to continuously update the products and how to navigate Shopify.
  • professional photo shoot with Luxe Lust Boutiques preferred photographer
  • Professional flyer design, and 500 free flyers.

A 50% deposit is required to solidify your slot($1,750.00). Deposits must be paid via zelle or cash app. The phone number for both is 980-202-9862.

The remainder can be purchased online, and split into 4 easy payments with either KLARNA or SEZZLE.

All payments are non-refundable. Should an emergency occur, all monies paid will be transferrable ONCE. If the second trip is cancelled, you will forfeit any monies paid.

For any question or concerns, we can be reached on our contact us page, or by calling 980-309-3670.